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RUSSIA: +7 (910) 443-2000 (Rus) 11am – 7pm

About Us

Welcome to Russia Flight Adventures. We offer the most exhilarating and unforgettable experience you can get for your buck in Russia, from excursions to the famous Star City Command Base and Baikonur Rocket Launch Center, to MIG-29 suborbital flights, we will bring you there.

We also work closely with the aviation community and provide helicopter tours and transfers, and private aircraft rental service; We will fly you anywhere in the world, and beyond! – Just make a request and you can really finally be an astronaut.


The Aircraft

We work alongside our fantastic aircraft operators in Russia which all operate to the highest safety standard, even above that of most large commercial airlines. Together we take pride in an excellent record and stellar service, all for the sake of getting you the best view and the best tours of Russia!


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